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After I graduated from college (and before I started applying for jobs), I went home and tried to just 'do nothing'. I was not really in a hurry to go and find a job, so what happened was that I was the one left in the house to do the cooking and other chores. My classmates thought I wouldn't like it; on the contrary, I loved it since it also gave me lots of times to play with our dogs. I really missed our dogs while I was in college; since it was a bit far from our province, I could only go home during long holidays, like Christmas and summer vacation.

Those were certainly fun times at home, since I do enjoy cooking. I used to watch my mom cook our food using one of her best crock pots, and she'd always manage to cook such delicious foods! While I was there I was honored to be using her best crock pots, and I was glad since they certainly helped me save time! She had different crock pots (some were for meat only) and at first I was baffled which to use; eventually, though, I got the hang of it.

I must admit I don't own a crock pot, but am looking online for the best crock pots on sale right now. It would be great cooking like the way I used to back home! :)

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