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Classic and Stylish

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I am not much of a fashion fanatic, but I do admire those who can carry clothes so perfectly. Like, whatever they wear, it will almost always look good on them; kind of like reminds me of some fashion models, or movie stars. The movie star that I really admire for her clothes (as well as for her acting abilities) is Audrey Hepburn. She's gone now, but her classic style still lives on; such finesse and elegance! Some people can't help but imitate her, and I must say I'm one of them. Though of course I don't even come close since honestly I prefer tee shirts and jeans. lol.
But do you know that another classic brand, Dockers, is hosting a contest right now? Yes, they are! Their Dockers contest doesn't require much, and anyone with a video camera can join! All you have to do is send them over your version of a Dockers commercial and if many will vote for your work, then there's a possibility that you could be the winner! No need to buy or pay for anything if you do decide to join. Cool, huh?!

So for those who are interested for a night of fame (your work will be featured on television!), then joining the Dockers contest is the way to go! :)

Sponsored by Dockers

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