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These days I have noticed that there seems to be more blogs being hosted in their own domains and I think that that's really great. I know that some prefer different platforms for their sites and having your own domain definitely can give you that flexibility, compared to hosting it on a free site. But hosting your blog on a free site is great, too, like what I'm doing. :)

If you do want to host your blog (or business site) on your own domain, then it's a good idea to be familiar with the different webhosting sites that are available these days. It's good to be able to compare the different hosts and see which would work well for you and your needs. is definitely one of the sites out there where you can go; they even have a quick start guide for those who are new to the idea, and a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page if you want to know more. Definitely a good resource site for those interested in having their own domains.

So, are you thinking of hosting your own site in your own domain? Then do go and check them out! As for me, that's what I will be doing since I plan to know more about the different webhosting sites and how they compare with one another! :)

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