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I can really never tell you how convenient it is to have a car! Sure, there are lots of public transportation vehicles out there and they will also take you safely to your destination, but they are in a fixed route, after all. If you have your own car you can go different ways and even discover new routes which would be most beneficial to you (lesser traffic, for example). However, since the car that we have now is hubby's company car, if he gets transferred to another company site the car goes with him, too. Since we really don't relish the idea of having no car at all, we have thought of taking a look around some of the used car deals.

If you're in the same predicament as us, and trying to look for second-hand cars, and you happen to live near Harrisburg, then I strongly suggest you go and check out Used Cadillacs Harrisburg PA. They have one of the most extensive inventory of used Cadillacs there and if they don't have the model that you want, then they can help you find one! Isn't that really convenient?

Hopefully, we'll find that "one" vehicle that fits both our budget and our lifestyle real soon. Our son will be starting school soon and having a vehicle around could really be quite convenient! :)

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