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Some people admittedly don't like any form of gambling, and they could have a million reasons why they have that opinion. Personally, I believe that each of us have our own opinions and we're entitled to it. But for me, when it comes to gambling, I don't hate them; in fact, like I said before in my previous posts, they interest me.

Online Casinos is a form of math probabilities and that's why I find them interesting. Of course, that's just my own opinion and I can't help but feel the excitement and rush every time I start betting! I haven't tried actually betting real money online, though, since I just don't have the budget for that. There are sites that offer free play, and I have tried some of them; I must say, it's fun! Usually I lose, though, and that's why I feel glad that I didn't bet with real money! lol.

I know an online friend who enjoys playing online gambling, too, but he's the serious type. I mean, he bets using real money, though not that big. Like me, he just loves the rush and excitement one gets while betting, and the best part is that he gives me pretty good advices every now and then. Know what's the best advice he's given me? He keeps reminding me to stop when needed! Now that's something that you should take to heart when gambling online! :)

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