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I honestly believe that some people have problems with their mental health and don't even know it. Disaster could be prevented if the affected person accepts the fact that he or she could be gearing towards something like depression, extreme anxiety, (specially when around other people, or just going out of the house), or other types of mental illness. Of course, personally I wouldn't want to be labeled as having mental illness, so I guess that's why some people just can't accept the fact that something is wrong. However, there is a talk show which you can tune into, Your Mental Health Talk Radio Show, where you can learn lots of things about the topic. Another site which also discusses about mental health would be located here:
If you, or a loved one, needs guidance when it comes to mental health(and other issues), then I suggest you try and check them out! Who knows, a life might be saved just by tuning into one of their programs.

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