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Summer Sales

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It's summer once more, and it's great that I've been seeing sales not only in the malls but also online! We can find promo codes and discount specials for, Dell Computer, and these days; and if you're like me, who wants to find great deals in a notebook (or laptop), then it's time to look for them! :)

Well, last weekend hubby and I went to the mall, trying to look for the gadgets that we are thinking of getting, like a webcam for our desktop, or maybe something more expensive, like camera lens for my new camera. Hubby just wanted to know how much a pda costs these days, and when he noticed that there doesn't seem to be more stores selling them, he got a bit discouraged. I laughingly told him that maybe it's because less and less people might be using them these days; he agreed, but still continued looking for them anyway.

That day we ended up buying some camera bags instead. Some stores had great deals (for a notebook and some camera lenses), but quite a bit out of our budget for this month. I just hope that the offers will still be available till next month, but I seriously doubt that. Nothing wrong with my wishful thinking though, is there? :)

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