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I must admit, the first time I made my blog I submitted my site address to some free web directories. The idea of your blog getting more traffic is indeed tempting, though of course I know that you must have something interesting posted in your blog so that your visitors keep coming back.

Some blog owners hosts contests or offer advices which are relevant to their visitors and that would indeed keep the visitors coming (or returning). I think that's really cool, though hosting a contest would be too taxing for me. I mean, I don't have the luxury really of taking a peek at my blog twenty-four hours a day, so hosting a contest doesn't seem feasible for me. Well, I guess it would depend on the type of contest, but somehow the thought of submitting my site to different free web directories is more appealing. More convenient for me.

What about you? Do you submit your site to different free web directories, too? :)

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