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Prom Gowns today ...

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I was just looking at some of the pictures posted at my nephew's friendster account, and I can't help but notice that their PROM Dresses are more elegant than they were during my time! All of them look real good and the girl's prom gowns were really awesome. I mean, some of the dresses I believe I can only see online, and maybe they did order them online! Technology these days can be pretty amazing (and daunting, for some).

The dresses that we wore during our time (which feels like eons ago! lol) were simpler and only about one or two had those designer evening dresses. Definitely way out of my parent's budget! But we really didn't mind, since most of us had similar dresses, anyway. ;)

If you want to stand out during your prom, then I suggest you check out They have elegant and variable designs to choose from, and not only that, they are reasonably priced, too! Go ahead, check them out! :)

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