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I don't know about most people, but sometimes I visit sites like online casinos because they are interesting for me. No, I haven't really tried playing, but I have been 'researching' about the topic. I never knew before that you needed to know different strategies in order to win in some games! I haven't actually tried it myself, but I read that in a site somewhere (have visited various sites already, I must admit I tend to forget the specific sites sometimes). There's this site though, Mucho Casino, where you can download online casino games. Interesting!

I know my online friend who's so passionate about online casinos would advice me to try visiting different sites first before actually trying my hand at betting. I totally agree with that, too. I mean, that's only logical since we're talking about money here. Besides, I must admit I don't have the extra cash yet to start playing in those sites! :)

The best advice that was given by my friend, though, was that I should have discipline. I should stop when I know it's time and not waste more money. That might sound weird, but I believe that that's really sound advice. I just wish I'd be as disciplined as he when it's my turn! :)

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