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I know I posted here a while ago something about my views regarding online casinos. Well, to refresh the readers mind (or to let the 'new' ones know), I must say: I think they are interesting. Some people don't like the sites, but honestly, responsible players should know what they are up against, when they do decide to enter a game. If it's time to stop and end the game, then they should. It is actually only the irresponsible gamers that give them a bad name. But that's just my opinion, and other people might think differently. We are all entitled to our own opinions, aren't we? :)

Anyway, my online friend who first introduced me to online casinos have told me over and over again: stay disciplined. I think that's the best advice he has given me, and I have taken it to heart. So, whenever I visit directory sites like UK Online Casino, I make sure I browse through the site first. Nope, I haven't tried actually betting money online. The contents on my purse is just not enough, yet. I just like reading the advices and which sites have great reviews.

For now I'm not into the actual gaming myself, but I like the idea that every time I visit a site I get to learn something new. :)

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