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Online Banking

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Since I am the type of person who don't cherish waiting in lines (who does? lol), my husband and I decided about half a decade ago to go into online banking. It was still quite new in our country, but since we lived a bit far from the main city (and hence quite a distance from the banks), we thought we'd try it. What we did was enroll his bank account online and after a few days it took effect. We use it mostly to pay our bills, until now. It's a good thing there hasn't been any glitch in the process and I have complete confidence in the bank's online service.

Savings Accounts these days can now be accessed online if you choose to, and when you open an account they give you the options. I think that's really great. Like WaMu (Washington Mutual Bank), they offer online services, too. You not only get to pay your bills online, but you can do that anytime of the day, and wherever you might be! As long as you have your computer and internet connection, of course.

So even if you're in your favorite cafe, or miles away from your bank, you can do your transactions safely online! I think that's really convenient and saves you time to do more important things, like spending quality time with your family. :)

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