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Meeting Online

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I know some friends who love meeting people online, coming from anywhere around the world, and they just love joining vast number of online communities! Am not too sure if they are still involved in all of their online communities, but I sure am positive that they have their favorite sites. I used to joke around, telling them that they might meet someone that they'll like, and eventually love. We would all go laughing since we never thought that something like that would be possible! I mean, they were all doing it just for fun. But I guess we were wrong, because two of them did get to marry their online friend. Now one of them is still here (together with her hubby), while the other one went abroad with her husband.
Some of them are still active online, and they even told me to join 3gb community since it's such a great site, they said. You can have your own blog, upload pictures to your own photo album, and even listen to the latest mp3 music! Isn't that sweet? Of course, you get to meet new friends as well as still get in touch with your current friends, too!

Am thinking of visiting the site later and checking out what a friend has been uploading there. :)

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