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Keeping Safe

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These days sometimes it feels like all of the people in the city have cars of their own; parking spaces are so hard to find! I remember one time while we went to attend service, we had a hard time trying to find a parking space near the building, so we were forced to find another parking space quite far. It was quite a walking distance, but I guess it was much better than finding not one single parking space at all!

It's a good thing that something like Rent a Parking Space is now available. It might cost you, but what's neat about it is that you are assured of a parking space! If you live in an area where your car isn't that safe, or there are just no space, then I guess paying for a space where your car's safe is much better. I would definitely choose that, compared to parking it where the probability of it being stolen is high. Logical, really. :)

Our parking area here at home is quite small, and tight. But at least it's inside our gate and safe from robbers. Well, much safer than leaving it parked outside! I have seen some cars parked outside overnight, and I really don't think it's safe; what with the crime rate rising these days! So keep it safe: either have your cars parked inside, or if you can afford it, rent a parking space. :)

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