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When I was still in high school we had some batchmates who were in the lower section suspected of using illegal drugs. I wasn't really concerned much then, since I never could understand why they would do such a thing! And another matter was that it costs money to get those drugs, something which my father wasn't very generous with his kids. I admire my father for that (though believe me, I didn't like it that I didn't have enough money for junk food during those days!) and have since realized that what he did was the right thing. Most of my batchmates suspected of drug abuse were those who had lots of money to spare. I always thought that maybe they were bored stiff with their lives, and so they decided to do it; or maybe they just felt like being rebellious. I would never know their reasons.

I just hope that one (or all) of them went to a Drug Rehab center. Those days while in the province the idea of sending your kid to Drug Rehabs wasn't really taken lightly. I mean, people talk, you know. It wouldn't do good for your reputation. But I believe that it's a fact of life, and if you (or your kid) need help, then you should do it. is one such site where you can get help.

Personally, it doesn't matter what type of treatment you get (just not the type that gets you traumatized, of course!) as long as you recover. For life. :)

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