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Having attended conventions before, I am quite familiar with the booths that one can see while browsing through a hall filled with different products on display by different companies. You can see them at trade show displays, too. I am quite amazed with the creativity of some booths and how their pictures/logos seem to be so well-designed. However, I have no idea how one can go about assembling them, though.

If you (or your company) needs help, then you should try and check out They can help you in different ways, from heavy duty displays like needing a truss, or something as simple as banner stands. If you want professional help with your presentations, then they are definitely the site you need!

I know my husband had to help his company at an exhibit once, and they had a hard time finding the proper stuffs at reasonable prices. Next time, I'll tell him the site to visit, if they need help again. :)

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