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Elyn Saks

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These days you can find almost anything on the internet; admittedly, some of the information may not be to your taste, but as a responsible adult you should know which sites to avoid and which are the safe ones. If you want to do some research, or just want to know more about some topics, like one's mental health, then I suggest you try checking out Your Mental Health Talk Radio.

One of their guests will be Elyn Saks and she will be talking about her book, The Center Will Not Hold: My Journey Through Madness, wherein she tells about her bouts with schizophrenia. If you want to know more, you can visit Your Mental Health Talk Radio Home Page, which is hosted by Jacqueline Foreman.

Something as personal as mental health is a sensitive topic, specially for those who are affected. But this shouldn't deter you from trying to learn more, specially if you want to help a loved one. We should do all that we can to help! :)

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