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The first time I heard of colloidal silver I really had no idea what that was. I don't think we used them when I was younger, though, and that's why I never really knew what it was, and how beneficial (or dangerous) it could be to our body.

I recently found colloidal silver online, though, when a friend told me that when they were younger they used to take them as a remedy for something like a runny nose. They didn't take much of it, though, since she said that her mom preferred hot chicken soups and rest when they got sick. That got me interested, and that's why I thought of searching them online.

I learned that argyria has been associated with it (your skin turns silverish, which becomes permanent), but it's actually because of the mild silver protein found in some of the so-called silver colloid preparations. True silver colloid preparations should be 0.9999 pure silver in colloidal form, in order for it to be really safe for human use.

It really depends on the person if they choose to use colloidal silver, or not. After all, they get to decide what they think is best for their bodies! :)

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