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I have a domain of my own, and in the beginning they were really great. I mean, it was up all the time and whenever I wanted technical help they would respond within twenty-four hours. I was really impressed that time. But after about five months of web contentment, suddenly my site experienced multiple times of being offline; definitely made me irritable, specially if I wanted to post something, and I couldn't since my site was down! I am thinking about transferring to another web hosting company, and it's a good thing I found a nice article about best web hosting over at

The site owner seemed to be having similar problems that I had with my site (being down for countless times!), and it's a good thing he had back-ups. As for me, am not so sure if I have a back-up, but I will certainly look into it!

I can't transfer yet because I still have around five months before my contract expires, but am really interested about moving; it's a good thing I still have a few months before I make my final decision.

2 shared thoughts:

Asia'h Epperson at: Wed Mar 26, 06:47:00 AM GMT+8 said...

That sucks... especially when you know that the downtime is not due to your fault.

maiylah at: Wed Mar 26, 07:24:00 AM GMT+8 said...

yup, you got that right, Asia! :)

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