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Take Off The Chlorine ...

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These days our waters from the tap are being 'cleaned' at treatment stations before they actually reach our house, but honestly, after the news about water-borne disease which happened just a while back, I believe we can really never be too careful. Having a water filter would be an added comfort (and security) for me, and I found a site, Pink Shower & Bath Filter Information, where I can do some browsing. This site, Pink Shower & Bath Filters, offer different filters which we might find useful, like a pink bathtub water filter which removes chlorine. They also offer showerheads which can help you save water and energy; something which I am definitely interested in!

If you want to know where you might be able to find these great filters, then I suggest you take the time to visit! I must admit I like their pink filters, and the fact that 5% of revenues are donated to breast cancer (research and/or information dissemination) makes it even more tempting! :)

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