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It's already the start of the summer vacation for some of the families here in our place, and what a great way to spend it somewhere far from your place together with your family, right? Some of my son's classmates will be taking their vacation abroad and that's why immediately after their final exams they had to leave. Some will not be able to attend their closing ceremony, but their directress understands. :)

If you happen to go to Alberta (USA) and need a hotel, then Calgary Hotel might be a good choice. My sister's former classmate used to live in Alberta before they moved to Canada, and she says that she loved the place. Too bad they had to leave, though, since her husband had to switch jobs and that job was located in Canada. They don't have any regrets, thank goodness, since now they are happier than ever!

It's really great if you can go on a vacation together with your family, and we are definitely thinking of taking one during summer. Nothing far like leaving the country, but somewhere closer to home. It might be my hometown, or maybe at hubby's place. Or maybe somewhere a bit farther, like going to the northern part of the country. Wherever our plans take us, I just know that we'll have great fun, as long as we are safe and together! :)

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