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Being a newbie when it comes to Online Casinos, I am grateful towards a very helpful online friend who introduced me to the game. I have noticed most of the online casino advertisements on the internet, but really hesitant about visiting them since I had absolutely no idea how the games are being played! So, when I casually asked my online friend about it I was surprised to know that he was a fan! Nope, he doesn't spend millions, but he says that he 'dabbles' into a few games every once in a while. He tried explaining to me some of the pointers, and the first thing that he actually said (which I remember until this day!) was discipline. At first I was baffled, but eventually I got what he meant.

He then told me to do some researching on my own, but to hold off actually playing since most probably I would just lose. I believe that that would happen, too, so I went off and did some researching here and there. It didn't happen overnight, of course. I just did some readings when I had the additional time online and he even sent me some nice links, including the one from

Until now I am still doing my researching and it looks like it will still continue; admittedly, I am still a newbie at it. But that's fine with me, am in no hurry. Besides, it's fun learning! :)

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