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On Owning a House ...

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Have you ever taken Homeowner Loans, or something similar? I know it's a tough decision for some (since they are not that sure if they will be able to pay the amount monthly) but if you're really bent on improving your house (or getting a new one), and you have no other choice, then getting a loan is your best choice. You just have to make sure you will be able to pay the dues, though.

Hubby and I took out a loan a few years back for our house in the province and we did pay the dues religiously. I just am the type of person that hates owning somebody anything, so I make sure we pay on time. lol. It's a good thing my dad decided to help us with the payments, though, so now we are debt-free from that company! Our house is currenly being used by another family but hubby and I have been thinking of renovating it, like this news about homeowners renovating their properties so that more sellers/buyers will be attracted. I really believe that's a neat idea! However, since we're quite far from our previous house that idea will have to wait.

That's fine with us, though. Anway, we're not in a hurry. :)

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BB at: Fri Mar 07, 11:12:00 AM GMT+8 said...

You are lucky that your dad help in payment. For me, I am still a long way toward full repayment. :(

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