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Musically inclined ...?

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When we were young, my parents were the type that wanted their kids to learn the piano. Admittedly, I was not one of the happy ones. lol. Most of my sisters (even our youngest) had the knack in play the piano effortlessly, but I always had such a hard time playing good music. Sure, I remembered and managed to memorize the pieces that were assigned to me, but somehow it just didn't sound special. For me, at least. Or maybe I just didn't have the right 'feelings' for the instrument. I liked listening to my sisters play, though, and really so proud of them. They even got awards for their efforts and I was really proud to be associated with them those times! Sometimes people wanted me to play for them, but since I have stopped practicing for years now, I don't know if I can still play at least a single piece!

Hubby, too, was taught how to play the piano (and he loved it!), so every time we visit my mother-in-law's place he always manages to play the piano. I do a bit of tinkering, but not too much, lol. It's fun, but I must admit, not really me. My son does a bit of dabbling, too, but he prefers not to take piano lessons; he'd rather take taekwondo lessons! He does play a certain instrument, though, which we call anklung. It's a musical instrument made from bamboo. :)

Our piano got destroyed during a very serious flooding in our city, and since our youngest sister loved to play the piano, they decided to buy something similar, like the portable keyboards found in the malls (or you can find some online, too, like at At first she didn't like it since of course it was actually different from a 'true' piano. Eventually, though, she agreed since she really needed to practice for her lessons. She never regretted that decision and until now she still uses the original portable keyboard that they bought! It's so wonderful listening to her play it everytime we go back home for a visit! :)

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