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Sometimes it happens in a family which you thought was perfect, and when you do find out that it's the truth, you get shocked. I know I was, when I found out that one of my good friends at school had a brother which had a problem with Substance Abuse. Nobody really expected it of him, since he seemed so perfect! I mean, great grades, the teachers and students liked him, and he was active in most of the school activities, too! I guess something in him 'broke' and rebelled against all those expectations, both from the school and at home.

The greatest shock of all was that when news leaked out that he was gay! I have nothing against people who choose to become different from the usual 'set', in fact, some of my good friends are gay! It just came as a shock, though, since he seemed so perfect and not 'unusual'. I'm not sure if his family sent him to a drug rehab center, but I hope that they did, and it did him good.

I haven't heard from my friend after we went to college, but I've heard some stuffs here and there; no news regarding his brother though. I really hope, though, that his brother has recovered now and doing good with his life.

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