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Isn't it great owning a timepiece that you really love? Like a patek philippe, perhaps? I know my husband would love the idea of having some patek phillipe watches in his wardrobe! Of course, they can be pretty expensive, though. But if you really want one patek watch and you know that you can afford it, then I suggest you go ahead and buy one! :)

I remember a former classmate who was given by her late father a similar watch and she cherished it even if the straps were quite frayed and drab already. I told her to have the straps replaced, but she said that she just couldn't, since it reminded her of her father so much. I'm not sure if she finally had the straps replaced, but I do know that she still keeps that watch. I did ask her about it last year (yeah, that long! lol), and she said that she plans to pass it to one of her sons soon.

What a wonderful heirloom! :)

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