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GPS tracking

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With the start of emerging newer and bolder technologies, it is indeed a good idea to use them whenever they are applicable and if you can afford them. Take for example GPS Tracking. For some it might not be that important, but if you view the video below it is certainly helpful.

Some GPS tracking devices are so small that they can be easily concealed. It can then be placed inside a car (or whatever your valuables are) without being observed; and since it's magnet is so powerful, placing it under the car is possible, and it wouldn't matter if it gets wet since it is water resistant. What's really great about some of these tracking devices is that they are so easy to use, and they are even Google Earth compatible! Really neat, huh?

But do you know that you can also use them for tracking your teen's driving habits? Yes, that's definitely a good idea, specially if you are concerned about how or where your teenager hangs out. Not only that, it can also monitor the speed, location, time, and time duration the device remains stationary. Definitely a good way to monitor your teen's driving behavior without you being inside the car! :)

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