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When my older sister lived abroad for a while we used to call her long distance every now and then. We would have wanted to call her every week, but that wasn't just possible since it was quite expensive that time. The internet was just starting, too, so it wasn't as accessible yet (and pretty expensive, too!). Sometimes she would be the one to initiate the call, though, using those prepaid calling cards; she says they were cheaper. :)

Now my other sister has a close friend who lives in India and they still keep in contact; telling each other what's been going on with each other's lives. Am not too sure if her friend uses india prepaid calling card from, but it's possible. Being a member of the Tata Group (one of the largest telecommunications group in India), you can be assured that when you call india you will be connected right away!

Going to India is actually one of my sister's dreams and personally I would want to go there, too! I think it's such an interesting place, and the first thing that I would want to try would be their food! I've read and watched some documentaries about their culture and it has strengthened my resolve to accompany my sister when she gets the chance to go there. :)

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