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During our Junior-Senior Prom (which was eons ago, by the way, lol) my classmates and I weren't really that concerned with what we were wearing. Of course, we were concerned, but not like the way the kids are right now; most of them these days prefer their Prom Dresses to be different and elegant. There's nothing wrong with that, of course. Just that it's probably more expensive! My niece even had to go to the mall and look at the different Evening Dresses and Evening Gowns offered by the stores; she finally found one which she liked, but since it was a tad too revealing for her mom (and grandad), she was forced to choose another gown.

I was with them when they were choosing for the dress, and we got talking about what her friends will be wearing that day; I must say, their JS Prom is now so different from ours! Boys, too, wear more formal clothes. Of course, my JS prom was eons ago, so you can just imagine the difference! ;P

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