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Finding Someone Special Online

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I have a friend who used to enjoy browsing through different online dating services and singles personals because she was really genuinely trying to look for a friend online. I remember, she went to the internet cafe almost everyday just so she'd get to chat with most of her online friends. Some of the sites which she tried were Lavalife, and Friend Finder. I guess she was also looking for a person that understood her and was willing to spend his life with her. It all turned out well since she did find somebody special in one of the sites and pretty soon her friend arrived in the country to visit her. It all seemed pretty romantic the first time they met; I wasn't there, but the way she described it was really so beautiful. I guess it was love at first sight for both of them! :)

Know where she is right now? Well, after a few months they got married at her church and they stayed in her place for almost a year. Then after that they moved to another country and that's where they've been for about some time now, together with their kid. The last I heard from her was that she was learning to cook different types of food famous for that area and having a wonderful time! :)

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