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Family Garage

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We have a small garage here in our house, but it sure needs improvement! For one, it's actually an "open" garage, since when the house was built the garage wasn't part of the plan. Of course there was a space for the car (actually, around two to three cars can fit in) but no concrete or roof was considered that time. I guess it was because the house was costing too much already, so the garage had to be done later.

Actually, hubby and I thought of having a garage constructed, but just not sure how to start. Good thing we found out about Sectional Garage and I really do believe that their products are great! They have different designs, some of them I actually like. Hubby still have to view some of the designs, though. So, when he gets back from work we'll definitely think things over...

Hopefully, when we've finally decided about the design the other family members will like the idea. They will be affected, too, since we just live in one compound. Besides, they will also be using the garage, so it's definitely going to be a family thing. Hopefully, they just might help with the finances and the planning that goes with it, too! :)

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