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Emergency Cases

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I believe that a person's life is really important, and that's why I think it's really great that somebody thought of putting up an air ambulance. There was a time when my mom's life was critical and the doctors at our local hospital was baffled with her condition. She seemed to be slipping real fast and so they were thinking of airlifting her to another hospital which they believed was more equipped to treat her. They even thought of airlifting her internationally! My mom disagreed, though, so they couldn't push through with the plan. Eventually, my mom did get well and a year later she's now almost back to her usual self.

In places where air ambulance is available, patients who need emergency care (or needed surgery but the place is quite far) are given the immediate treatment that they require. That's really important, specially if time is crucial. They needed to be transported immediately, like in trauma cases, or maybe if a person got bitten by a snake and needed anti-venom immediately (which was available only at a certain hospital). There could be plenty of reasons why air ambulance is crucial and I am really glad that they are now available these days! :)

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