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Last year I have thought about domain name registration and after doing a teeny bit of research (I must admit I wasn't really that thorough in trying to find a good site where I can register a domain name) I finally got one! It's a good thing an online friend helped me with the initial stuffs since I was really stumped after getting my own domain! After a bit I slowly got used to it, but I still falter when it comes to some of the technical details.

There have been some problems recently with that site, though. I mean, it gets offline every now and then and to me that's really inconvenient! That's why I'm thinking of transferring the domain to another site. A friend did just that, and she said that the transfer is quite easy; your site will be down for about six hours and then after that it's back to normal again. I hope I can be as confident as her when I do decide to shift to another server! :)

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