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Ever since hubby had one of the rooms converted into his semi-office, he has been thinking of getting a bed for that room. I think it's great since the room could also double as a guest room if ever we'll have friends or family dropping by. We've been thinking of getting one of those Divan Beds, but we're not really so sure since it might be too expensive for us. I do so like the design, though, so if we can find one that we can afford over at, then we just might check them out and see if things will work! :)
When my sister saw the converted room she said that she liked it, though she just might end up sleeping rather than working! lol. At first I thought the same thing, too, and that's why I was a bit hesitant about putting a bed in that room. However, I believe that if you're really serious about what you're working on, then you wouldn't dare fall asleep!

We had other choices for the different types of bed which might fit the room, and we are really seriously considering them all. The room isn't that big, so if possible the bed should also serve as a storage area, too. And of course, the price should be affordable, too! :)

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