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I honestly don't know much about slots and how they are being played, but I guess one of my online friends have an idea! I believe it has something to do with gambling, and if it does, then that's why I don't have that much idea about the subject! Online gaming does interest me at times, but not so much anymore since things have been pretty hectic these days: not much time available for internet browsing!

I only get to go online specially during morning, since that's the time when I have less household chores ... yeah, they get piled up during the afternoons, so I am busier during those times! But that's okay, though. Hopefully we'll have a helper soon, and my workload will be a little lighter.

It would be great having the time to go online whenever I want to, again! Having the available time to browse through the internet and learn lots of stuffs (for free! lol) is a wonderful opportunity! :)

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