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Vacation Planning

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Here in our place summer time is fast approaching (yeah, we don't have four seasons here like in some countries ... we've only got two: wet and the dry season! lol) and so some people are starting to think about where they want to go during the holidays.

I was chatting with a friend online who's now living in the United States together with her family, and she mentioned that they want to try one of those California vacation rentals, or maybe those Laguna Beach vacation rentals she's been seeing on the internet. I said that maybe she'd like to try Malibu vacation rentals, too! I know that they really needed the break since she and her husband has been working so hard the past year so that their sons could go to a good school.

Hopefully, when they manage to find the time, they just might try one of those vacation rentals. It would be something that they'd all treasure for the rest of their stay there! :)

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