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Am really serious about getting myself a dslr soon ... it was the reason why I decided to monetize my blog, after all. :)

However, after I got the amount (actually, more than what I had hoped for!), I (yeah, it was really my decision) decided to "give" some of them away first. I mean, I know that I can raise the same amount again after a few more months anyway. Besides, it really felt great being able to give something to our loved ones, and something that you know that they really appreciate! Not just something that you give because you had to give something. lol. That's the reason, really, why I failed to get the dslr last Christmas (2007).

Anyway, I received an email today about the price of one of the cameras that I am really interested in ... the canon 40D. The price was reasonable enough, and hopefully before the summer starts I will have that piece of "toy" on my hands, soon!

Unless, of course, something makes me change my mind. :D

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