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Saving and Spending

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About three months ago we decided to change our desktop personal computer to a newer model since we've had it for around five years already. Yeah, that long! We were surprised it lasted that long, but I guess since we bought the latest model five years ago, all we did was just do some updates every now and then. However, since we wanted a computer with the Vista operating system, we finally decided to buy a new one, with our own specifications. It costs quite a bit, but well worth it! I just wish that we could have taken some discount PC laptops deals from Newegg,,, HP Store and Dell, though. We didn't think that that was possible when we decided to purchase our new personal computer.

These days, though, I always try to browse the internet, looking for good deals, great sales, or maybe a great offer for a dslr kit! I hope that I might be able to find something that could help me save some money so that I might be able to "stretch" the money a bit and buy something for hubby and my son! :)

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