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It happened ages ago, but I can never forget it: my mom and I were in a vehicular accident. It all started off as a usual ride; we rode in one of those public transportation vehicles, since we had to go visit my aunt around a two and a half hours ride away from our place. Nothing unusual about that trip, except I guess for the driver. He sounded like he was in a foul mood and I guess we should have waited for the next ride; but since we were in a hurry (it was almost lunch time by then, and we might not catch my aunt at her house), we decided to ride anyway.

The trip went well, at the start, but halfway through the trip we suddenly noticed that the speed of the vehicle was going faster. Some passengers cautioned the driver about being careful, but the driver didn't mind them. Suddenly another car tried to pass by a much slower vehicle and to do that he had to cross on our side of the lane! Since our vehicle was really fast, our driver tried to veer away from the other vehicle, but still there was a terrible crash and we were suddenly pushed forward! I wasn't harmed, but some passengers had bumped their heads, and my mom suffered a fractured arm! We were brought to the hospital, and my mom was treated. We tried filling for Accident Compensation and it was a good thing that the insurance company paid for everything!

We weren't that lucky since my mom got hurt, but I guess we were really lucky in the sense that our lives are still intact. Good thing no lives were lost that day, but maybe the next time we ride public transportation again we should be more careful! :)

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