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Need Free Credit Reports?

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Every 8th of the month, I mark it on my calendar as my payment date for my credit card. You don't want to be late or else you get financial charges for late payment. I hardly even notice my remaining balance go down in spite of my monthly payments. There are times that I have to pay even without seeing my monthly billing just to avoid paying late. How I'd wish we have the same system in the U.S . where consumers can get Free Credit Report. They have this Fair Credit Registry Act by the Federal Trade Commission giving consumers free access to their financial figures.

Really, credit cards are good. Especially during emergency situations. I remember one time I had dinner with a friend. I brought with me some extra cash knowing that I'll be paying the bill. But when I saw the bill, I almost fell out of my chair! Good thing I had my credit card with me. Whew! I couldn't imagine myself washing the dishes for the rest of the night... :)
One thing I've learned though about using credit cards is that you should only make use of Secured Credit Cards. With our fast paced world today, a lot of hackers can fool you into buying things online, not knowing that they are just after your credit card details. You'll just be shocked comes your next monthly billing.

A lot of credible credit card companies are available, but its always better to Compare Credit Cards and see which one has a better and secured offering. At the end of the day, we are still the consumers and should be enjoying the benefits they all provide. :)

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