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Looking for a Mortgage Calculator?

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I wasn't really aware that people sometimes tend to write wrongly spelled words while using search engine (because I always check mine before pressing the "go" button), until I came upon this site about mortgage calculator. They noticed that people tend to write Morgage Calculator (I wasn't fully aware at first that the word mortgage wasn't spelled right! I guess that's why it's the most common mistake made), Mortgage Calclater, as well as Mortgage Calclater! Really interesting!

Well, whether you spell it right or wrong, you can always go and visit their site if you're in need of a mortgage calculator. At the site you can compute for rate comparison, consolidation and refinancing, home refinancing, and of course your monthly payments, including an amortization schedule. Really neat and convenient, huh?!

The site not only offers a mortgage calculator, but also some advices regarding how you can get a free credit report as well as how you can pay off your mortgage with a very limited budget.

So, if you need a mortgage calculator and you mispelled it in the search engines, you don't need to worry; am so sure you'll still get what you were searching for! :)

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