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Would you like to have free internet? If you don't use the internet too much (around less than ten hours per month), then that would work well for you! However, these days ten hours of internet per month doesn't really sound appealing, so I believe that it's a good idea to look into dsl paid subscriptions. is one such where you can compare different digital subscriber line companies like Verizon, AT&T Yahoo and Qwest and see which company offers will fit you and your internet habits. The site's a good place for learning, too, like how you can properly choose an internet provider as well as how you may be able to avoid online scams.

We first subscribed to unlimited dial-up since dsl was then so outrageously expensive the first time they were offered. At first I was just mostly answering emails and researching, but later on when video streaming was becoming popular I found out that it was nearly impossible to watch one with our existing subscription! I had to pass watching those videos, then. But after around a year the dsl subscription began getting to be economically possible, so my family and I immediately switched!

We are happy that we have switched, but for some families it might not be worth it; specially if you use the internet sparingly. If you can, it would be best to avail of the free internet, but if not, then you should just see which subscription will fit you and your family best. :)

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