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Mortgages these days are kind of a touchy subject for some people. I remember the time when my dad had to mortgage the house to finance a business. I was really worried about that since where would we be living if our dad fails to pay his dues? As it turned out, I shouldn't have worried my young head that time since we overcame the debt and my dad's business even flourished! I guess we were pretty lucky, or maybe the heavens was watching over us. :)

I read this news over at about some families opting to find homes at the suburbs instead of staying in the heart of the city. Admittedly, since they are living a bit far from the city, then they had to commute daily (and earlier than the usual). Choosing a house relatively far from the city would also of course be cheaper, but the travel time should be considered.

Personally, I think having a bigger house in the suburbs, compared to having a small flat in the city, is much better. I would choose owning a house that's comparatively bigger and cheaper against paying for something that's more expensive (and most probably smaller); the amount of traveling I'd be doing wouldn't really matter much. But of course, it would also depend on how far you are from your work!

What about you? :)

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