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Tried Online Backgammon Yet?

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Have you ever tried online backgammon? I honestly have no idea how to play the game, but that doesn't mean I don't want to know. On the contratry, I think it's pretty interesting! I first saw a backgammon game set when I was young but since my companion then had no idea how the game was played, I never did get to learn. It's a good thing I can learn about them online these days!

If you love playing backgammon, then you can download the game software over at! Downloading is relatively fast (of course, depends largely on your internet connection; but the file is around 10MB) and easy. Immediately after installation you can go ahead and play! What's great about it is that you have the option to either play just for fun, or to play with real money!

I'm not sure if my online friend who enjoys games like these have already found out about the site ... if not, then I guess I was faster this time! :)

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