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Success is often the result of taking a misstep in the right direction.
Al Bernstein

Yeah, I believe in that. Sometimes something happens and even if it didn't seem to be the right move at that time, it actually was the best move ever!

Just like what happened to me and my family ... we used to live in the province, and was really enjoying our stay there. But hubby got transferred to the capital, so either my son and I stay where we were at that time, or go with him. Of course, to someone like me who wants to keep a family together, we had to go with him, too.

We didn't like it at first, but eventually we came to love the place, too.
And the best part: our son has changed from a relatively shy person to someone who has confidence enough to face each day with enthusiasm! He likes his classmates (even if some of them can be mean sometimes, he said), and he likes his school.

We love the school, too, since they are one of the best in our area. They are not the "usual" rigid schools that have been around for centuries, but a small school with a small teacher:student ratio.

Too bad they only have till grade school ... hopefully we will be able to find a similar school when our son moves on to high school. Good thing that's still quite a long way to go. ;)

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