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Online Casino is something that some people don't really like, while for some it's something that's fun. My online friend certainly find it entertaining, and he's actually the reason why I, too, find it entertaining! Of course, I'm just a newbie, so I really haven't started betting real money!

The first thing that my friend told me was to just do some "researching" (in other words, try visiting those online casino sites, get myself familiar with the different games, and try reading those reviews) then later on maybe download those free games and try playing for fun. I think that's a good advice, since I certainly am not ready to try betting using real money yet! Besides, I don't have the "extra money" yet to spare. :) is one such site which was recommended by my friend just recently, since they not only have a list of the reputable online gambling sites these days, but also some great tips. I really like those sites that give realistic tips, like to remember to keep yourself in check (stop when your budget runs out). That's exactly what my online friend has been telling me, since sometimes the player just keeps on playing, even if he's already losing!

I'm not sure when I'll finally try betting online, using real money. Maybe not just yet. I still don't have sufficient knowledge; so for now I will instead try visiting different sites and learn some more! :)

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