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Scrubs and Beyond

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When I was still in college and we had to perform surgery on the animals, we were required to wear those "green uniforms" which we call as scrub suits. Those days we thought that it should only be in one color (green, or it's variants) so you can just imagine us all colored green everytime we needed to perform surgery. It's a good thing the Medical Scrubs these days are different!

My sister, who's a nurse, also needed nursing uniforms and since we had no idea where to buy them those days, we learned to befriend the local seamstress. The school would just give us the design and the materials needed, and then it will be up to us to deliver them to our seamstress, and hope that the uniforms will be ready soon!

But do you know that you can get stylish peaches scrubs these days, online? Yes, you can! What's great about the medical scrubs these days is that the designs are more or less the same, but the prints are definitely different! I just love those cute prints on some of them! If only we had these during my time! :)

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