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Physical Exams ...

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I honestly don't like hospital ... or clinics ... or anything that remotely resembles them! But of course, we can't help it: they are a reality, and we need them! (.... and I used to spend most of my in one of those ... but of course, we only accepted animals/pets there. LOL)

Today I went with hubby to have an annual physical check-up. Yeah, you read that right. Annual Physical Check-Up. Definitely made me panic just thinking what's going to happen, but I think I did ok. I think. ;P

Getting pricked with a needle isn't that distasteful, really. What I didn't like was the "physical" part. Good thing the doctor was a lady. LOL.

We didn't get to take the results home today, though. We will be going back next week for our ECG...

Oh my ....

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