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Casinos Online is a subject which is quite sensitive to a casino-loving online friend of mine. Some of his friends have actually made some negative remarks about some online casinos and since my friend is a fan, he sometimes misinterprets them as directed to him! He knows, he told me, that he shouldn't take them personally, but still, he said he gets irritated when they start saying anything negative about online casinos.

As for me, I have no grandeur illusions about being a great casino player someday (whether it's online, or not), but I would like to know more about it. My online casino-loving friend have suggested some sites which, he said, might help me understand the games and the rules more. One such site which he recommended was

It's actually a site which lists some of the best online casinos these days. They also have a beginner's guide (really helpful for someone like me!), including some casino reviews. These reviews, in my opinion, really can help newbies like me since occassionally there will be tips included in the reviews, too.

When I have more time (vacation just ended ...), I will definitely visit some of the online casinos listed on that site! :)

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