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On Drug/Alcohol Dependency

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It is a fact that sometimes a family member, or a close friend, have this habit of taking in illegal substances (or drinking alcohol too much!) without us knowing a thing! I guess it's because we feel that we trust the other person so much that it's unthinkable for them to be doing something like that! Still, that happens, and that's why I personally think it's important we notice those little things (more white lies, waning interest, for starters) that seems to have changed.

But what's really important, for someone who is already in the habit, is to get himself/herself to a reputable drug rehab center. Getting to admit that there is actually a problem is the hardest part, even for some of the family members; they always think that it's just a "phase" and it will be over soon. But that's not always the case; most of the time, if left unchecked, it will progress to somthing more sinister, and death might just be the only one that will end it!

We wouldn't want that option, of course, so it's best to find a reputable drug treatment center or an alcoholism rehab center for them. is one such site that can help!

You can call them toll free at 800-663-7847, or local phone at 231-314-5252. Help save a life today ... don't hesitate to extend your hand! :)

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